Based on what I ate today, should I be allowed to live?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 16, 2010 Happy Birthday Maureen and Pope Benedict

I did not start the day with a glass of wine. The pix are out of order. I swear.

Arbonne protein shake + scoop of fiber powder 260 cals
2 grapefruits 70 cals
Greek yogut with 1/2 scoop fiber 150 cals
spinach salad150 cals
Arbonne chews 60 cals
tortilla strips 90 cals
3 glasses of wine 350 cals
Assorted leftovers 600 cals

1730 cals
1/2 hour excercise bike 5.3 miles -300 cals
1/2 hour strength training -250 cals

net 1180 cals
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